On-site Search Engine Optimization. Part 1

When speaking about on-site SEO I mean optimization of following elements: title, meta tags, image names and alt attributes, code architecture, redirects, URL structure, outbound links, and copy. Let’s look into all this factors in detail.

  1. Title. Considered to be one of the most important factors of ranking. Should be no longer than 70 characters, contain keywords as closer as possible to the beginning of the title. Should be generously enriched with keywords, still remaining readable.
  2. Meta: description, keyword tags. Google uses description to create a snippet for your website in search results. So, besides being keyword-optimized, description should be optimized for Google users. Google claims that they don’t use keyword meta tag any more in their ranking algorithm, but it is still reasonable to use keywords for other search engines like Yahoo! and Bing.
  3. Images. Image tag should always be enriched with alt attribute, containing relevant keywords. Also keyword-enriched image file name is a plus.

The rest on-site ranking factors in the next post.


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