Web Development


All our website development work is organized according to contemporary W3C web standards.

Depending on your demands we are able to create:
  • Simple XHTML&CSS websites with minimum of dynamic functionality.
  • Semi-dynamic websites (e.g. using pop-up menus, contact forms, CMS).
  • Web applications utilizing PHP, MySQL, AJAX, JavaScript, jQuery and other technologies.
  • E-commerce websites utilizing Magento platform. Read more about our Magento development services.

Content Management System

WebtexCMS - is our own content management system (CMS) that will provide you with the ability to manage website content through user-friendly interface, without a need to have knowledge of any technical issues and excluding dealing with code. We customize our CMS for each customer to meet their particular needs.


Web development is about programming, about some special/cool/complicated/handy functionality. We refer to web development when we want to create some dynamics and interactivity on the website. Brochure-type corporate websites usually have very simple structure and there's not much programming involved. But if we want a website that provides some online services, a social networking site for instance, or online shop, then all development tools come to stage. Modern technologies that we can operate today give us the greatest possibilities ever.