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“Hi! I am Webtex, the Shopify app. I’m young but already have awesome product review features, and I will grow strong, smart, and bold. My growth roadmap is full of new great tools, skills, and knowledge designed to help your business succeed.”

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Why Webtex?

Webtex is a Shopify app for product reviews created by eCommerce veterans with over a decade of successful experience in eCommerce solutions development.

Every Webtex feature is built with a seller in mind to help you drive sustainable growth for your business in the easiest, most effortless and affordable way.

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Stellar Support

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webtex values – think big
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Webtex values

The digital world is evolving rapidly. We understand the importance of keeping pace with the technology and marketing trends and enrich Webtex with the functionality that will be a competitive advantage for Shopify-based merchants.

  • We focus on the customer and develop accordingly.
  • We value and welcome ideas over routine.
  • We are always honest and transparent.
  • Good is not enough for us; we strive to think big.
  • Learning is the process, not the destination.

My creators

Every person on the team is passionate about what they do, and they’ve done it before for a significant while. The team’s shared mission is to make eCommerce easy by listening to what Shopify sellers actually need.

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Founder & CPO

Makes sure I grow strong, smart, and handy

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Constructs and refurbishes my inner world from scratch

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Teaches me new skills and gives me new tools

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Ensures my front-end is an enjoyable user experience

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Guarantees I offer a well-structured workflow

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Helps me face and deal with my weaknesses


Webtex is a global team of professionals working from the following locations:

Minneapolis, USA

Gdansk, Poland

Wroclaw, Poland

Poznan, Poland

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