25 Best Product Reviews Apps for Shopify in 2023 [Free and Paid]




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95% of shoppers rely on customer reviews to evaluate a product or run product research.

That’s what Baymard’s large-scale usability testing has found.

(And no matter how amazingly looking or well-written your Shopify product pages are.)

Most of your site visitors will likely swipe the product information down to the reviews Shopify block (or spec sheets).

So what is to be done?

It is getting the best review app for Shopify that can turn the user review section into a competitive advantage.

This article is designed to answer the big question of “What is the best review app for Shopify?”

With over 900 product review results available on the Shopify app store, we’ll do our best to cherry-pick solutions based on the most unbiased assessment.

But before we begin:

product review applications - example

Source: Staples

Table of Contents

Best Shopify review app: benchmarking

We’ve combed through hundreds of Shopify apps, studied their backend configurations and storefront design, and suggest that an effective Shopify review plugin must fulfill the following criteria:

  • Installation simplicity. For SMBs, it’s essential to deal with software that has no or low learning curve. Many do not have the time and resources to invest in studying the guidelines to understand the app’s configuration flow. That’s why a friendly interface and stutter-free experience are a must.
  • Onboarding. Learning the primary features of an app as quickly as possible is a time-saver. A well-built Shopify app must have a thought-out onboarding process that explains the functionality you as a user are likely to require about 80% of the time.
  • App design. When an app affects your storefront, design is indispensable. Besides giving you options that increase the chances of its blending in your site’s unique style, a great UX experience helps foster trust among your site visitors for your products and quickly deliver what they’ve been looking for.
  • Social proof. App shopping is not much different from retail shopping. You should study customer testimonials. As Shopify does its best to ensure no fake testimonials are published in its app store, you are likely to see credible feedback from real-life app users.
  • App rating. In fact, it’s okay if a review app has neutral or negative feedback — it’s impossible to satisfy every user’s needs. However, if the general rating of an app under review is too low, the best decision would be not to take the risk and move to the next option.
benchmarking used for overviews of the best review apps for shopify
  • Features. Have you already compiled a list of features you’d like to have in your product review app for Shopify? If not, please do so. The needs of your unique business only can determine how well an app can meet them. Say, video reviews, automated review requests, emails, and SMS are the features that your company requires. Then, a product review app that has those features would be the best choice for your business.
  • Compatibility with popular Shopify apps. If you are running a Shopify store that has other critical apps installed, it’s essential to make sure your Shopify review app does not conflict with them. Otherwise, the chances are the newly installed software breaks down your online store.
  • Customer care. If you are happy with the app’s functionality but run into an issue, it’s vital to receive a response from the vendor’s technical support team within the shortest possible time. Commonly, you will likely learn about customer care responsiveness from the feedback available on the app in the Shopify app store. Though if you have doubts, take a moment to reach out with a question and see for yourself.
  • Free trial period. This is the best way to have a hands-on experience with a reviews app of your choice. If you feel like 7 days is not enough to explore the software, an extended trial period is what you should be looking for.
  • Pricing. Can you get the same features at a lower cost? With the fierce competition among Shopify review apps, some vendors make a host of features available for free. The question is what functionality is required to meet your business goals and how much your online store is ready to invest in such software.

Top product reviews applications for a Shopify-based store

Now that we’ve highlighted aspects that influence the selection of top Shopify product review apps, let’s move straight to the list of the uppiest uppers.

Shopify review app #1: Stamped.io

product review applications - stamped.io
Source: Shopify

Known as an easy-to-use software that boasts extensive functionality, Stamped.io was designed to meet the needs of retailers of all sizes. The app boasts a wide set of features necessary to collect user-generated (UGC) in the most eye-candy manner possible and help retailers build trust in their vendibles. Distinctly, the choice is UGC the app offers can’t but impress — product reviews, Instagram shoppable gallery, checkout reviews, Google shopping reviews, etc.

Top 10 feature highlights for Stamped.io:

  • Intuitive setup that won’t take you more than a click
  • Compatibility with any Shopify theme, even with the most latest ones
  • A wide range of reviews display widgets
  • Quick feedback moderation
  • Ability to add both public and private comments to the shoppers’ reviews
  • Testimonials filtering, sorting, and text search
  • Multi-language support
  • Review reminders and SMS review requests
  • Tool to create review banners
  • AliExpress reviews importer

Stamped.io disadvantages:

  • Limited free trial period
  • The most basic features in the free version
  • You’ll need to upgrade to the business version to access video and Google shopping reviews

Stamped.io review score on the Shopify app store:

⭐ 4.7 stars with over 5851 insights.

user generated content guide

Stamped.io free trial period:

This option of a Product Reviews & UGC app has a 7-day free trial period.

Stamped.io pricing:

The app is available in three tiers, which are as follows:

  • Lite – free plan
  • Basic – 23$/month
  • Premium – $59/month
  • Business – $149/month

Please note that the prices will get reduced if billed annually.

stamped.io rating

Shopify review app #2: Judge.me

shopify apps for running product reviews - judge.me
Source: Shopify

Being one of the affordable options available in the Shopify app store, the functionality of the Judge.me app is not limited to the basic features only. Distinctly, the free app version comes in 34 languages, including Chinese, Spanish, Norwegian, and Portuguese. With 24/7 customer care team that is ready to help the app users with the setup and basic customization, the Shopify review plugin is worth considering.   

Top 10 feature highlights for Judge.me:

  • Text, photo, and video reviews as a part of the free plan
  • Sending review requests
  • Dedicated page for all reviews
  • Schema markup for testimonials
  • Review carousel
  • Cross-shop synchronization
  • Support of over 30 languages
  • AliExpress review importer functionality
  • Collecting micro testimonials at the checkout stage
  • Built-in analytics

Judge.me disadvantages:

  • Branding on the free plan
  • You’ll need to work with such loyalty apps as Loyalty Lion, Smile.io, Gabenall, etc. to employ the discount coupons functionality.

Judge.me review score on the Shopify app store:

⭐ With 10668 reviews, the Shopify product review app’s score is near 5.0.

Judge.me free trial period:

There is no data on the trial period, probably because of the free plan availability.

Judge.me pricing:

The app comes in two plans — forever free and awesome, which is $15/month.

judge.me rating

Shopify review app #3: Product Reviews Autoketing

product reviews shopify - autoketing
Source: Shopify

Autoketing is another best review app for Shopify on our list that offers a smart testimonials system. Similarly, the software introduces the possibility to detail how you want your product reviews to look on the storefront. From choosing the most eye-candy layout to choosing criteria that trigger reviews’ automatic approval — that’s what the tool’s features are but are not limited to.

Top 10 feature highlights for Product Reviews Autoketing:

  • Holiday-themed review popups
  • Popup review reminders
  • Ability to import and export feedback
  • Automatic reviews approval following rules that you set
  • Ratings and reactions
  • Letting customers upload images
  • Thank you email for leaving a review
  • Notifying reviewers when their feedback was commented
  • Reviews display on all or one store page
  •  Country flag display for each product review (handy when selling internationally)

Product Reviews Autoketing disadvantages:

  • Limited trial period
  • A limited number of reviews in the Starter tier
  • Basic and Starter packages limit the number of popup reviews (by views) and emails (sends)

Autoketing review score on the Shopify app store:

⭐ The app scores 4.9 based on 226 reviews.

Autoketing free trial period:

The trial for this solution is limited to 3 days.

Autoketing pricing:

The Shopify product reviews app comes in three tiers:

  • Starter – $4.99/month
  • Basic – $7.99/month
  • Pro – $14.99/month
autoketing rating

Shopify review app #4: Fera

best shopify review app - fera
Source: Shopify

Here’s another solution to get the most out of UGC and boost sales. Fera offers to achieve that by showcasing how outstanding your offerings and customer service are in every possible way — by displaying testimonials, video reviews, and photo reviews, and customizing and managing the settings as required. 

Top 10 feature highlights for Fera:

  • Ability to import reviews from Facebook, Google, Etsy, etc.
  • Easy reviews moderation and approval
  • Replying to reviews
  • Reviews widgets for flexible feedback display
  • SEO optimization to show reviews in Google Search and Google Shopping
  • A variety of incentives to encourage shoppers to share their feedback
  • Reviews grouping
  • Reviews synchronization across numerous sites
  • Automatic reviews requests using multiple means
  •  Review collections page

Fera disadvantages:

  • Up to 10 review requests only on the free plan
  • A limited number of admin users on the most affordable plans
  • A limited number of widgets on the free plan
  • No developer customizability on lower tiers
  • *At the moment of writing, it took us a while to load the app (cute kittie gifs made the moment of waiting more satisfying though (:)

Fera review score on the Shopify app store:

⭐ 4511 users rated the app resulting in a 4.9 average score.

Fera free trial period:

The developer offers 14 days on testing the app.

Fera pricing:

The developer offers four handy options to choose from:

  • Free
  • Startup – $9/month
  • Small – $29/month
  • Medium – $99/month

When billed annually, you are likely to enjoy a reduction in price.

fera review app rating

Shopify review app #5: Ali Reviews

This tool is probably one of the most rated Shopify review apps. It allows displaying testimonials on any site page and boasts a wide range of features that trigger the UGC collection. The developer also offers the possibility to use rewards to motivate shoppers to share their insights (discounts, loyalty points, etc.). Distinctly, this software introduces personalization of how reviews will get displayed to your site visitors based on their location, spending, etc.

Top 10 feature highlights for Ali Reviews: 

  • A host of review widgets in various layouts
  • Carousel slider on the homepage
  • Multiple means to collect testimonials, including SMS and emails
  • QR codes to print and add to your vendibles
  • Ability to encourage reviews with discounts and loyalty points
  • AliExpress review importer
  • Quick UGC migration using a CSV file
  • Smart reviews display functionality
  • Quick sharing options on social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram
  • Automatic integration with a theme and CSS styling

Ali Reviews disadvantages:

  • Limitation of 10 reviews per product for the free app version
  • “Powered by Ali review” trademark
  • Slow loading time based on customer feedback

Ali Reviews review score on the Shopify app store:

⭐ The product review app has an average score of 4.9 based on 9751 user reviews.

Ali Reviews free trial period:

The company offers a 7-day free trial period to the app users.

Ali Reviews pricing:

The app offers four pricing options, each of which comes with a specific set of features:

  • Free
  • Starter – $9.90/month
  • Essential – $19.90/month
  • Premium – $49.90/month
ali reviews rating

Shopify review app #6: Loox Product Reviews & Photos

product review app - loox
Source: Shopify

Here’s another example of the best Shopify review app worth considering. Being great for small and medium-sized businesses, the app boasts advanced customization options and a premium-level ability to showcase photo reviews that can add genuine authenticity. Often noted as too costly, the application is distinct for its impeccable synchronization capabilities with Google shopping reviews.

Top 10 feature highlights for Loox Product Reviews:

  1. Sending customizable review request emails
  2. Referral discounts
  3. Next-purchase discounts for sharing a photo or video review
  4. Review request reminders
  5. Eye-catchy widgets
  6. Mobile-friendly and fully responsive
  7. One-click installation process
  8. 24/7 support
  9. Available in 19 languages, including French and Spanish
  10. GDPR, CCPA & EU Omnibus Compliant
Negative Reviews: The Bright Side of Bad Product Reviews

Loox disadvantages:

  • Costly for the offered set of features
  • Significant limitations for the beginner tier (monthly review request and  widget limits)
  • Possible issues when attempting to enter the application without subscribing to a superior plan
  • The pay-as-you-grow plan may come with hidden charges for some

Loox review score on the Shopify app store:

⭐ Based on 9415 reviews, the tool has an average rating of 4.9.

Loox Product Reviews free trial period:

The company offers 14 days to use the app for free.

Loox pricing:

The developer offers the following three paid plans:

  • Beginner – $9.99/month
  • Growth – $34.99/month
  • Unlimited – $299/month
loox reviews app rating

Shopify review app #7: Okendo: Product Reviews & UGC

shopify product reviews app - okendo
Source: Shopify

Here is another example of effective product review applications (yet pricey for some Shopify-based merchants). Being an official Google Reviews partner, the company offers it all to make your UGC stunning and boost conversions and brand credibility. With the application, you can showcase product reviews and ratings, let shoppers attach videos and photos to their testimonials, and add Q&A message boards.

Top 10 feature highlights for Okendo Product Reviews & UGC:

  • Smooth integration and setup process
  • Sending customizable review request emails
  • Photo and video reviews
  • A host of widgets for reviews display
  • Ability to push your reviews’ content to Facebook, Instagram, Google Search, and Google Shopping
  • Third-party integrations for review syndication with the top big-box retailers
  • API support
  • Marketing tools availability
  • 24/7 live customer care
  • Built-in analytics tools (review performance dashboard, email performance tracking, etc.) 

Okendo Product Reviews & UGC disadvantages:

  • Lack of customizability for submission review forms
  • Initial integration setup can feel twisted for less tech-savvy users
  • Slow customer care response rate detected following feedback on the Shopify app store
  • Possibly expensive for businesses that are just starting out

Okendo Product Reviews & UGC review score on the Shopify app store:

⭐ The app scores 4.9 based on 585 customer reviews.

Okendo free trial period:

You will have 14 days to get acknowledged with the extension gratis.

Okendo Product Reviews & UGC pricing:

The company offers four pricing tiers to its users. They are as follows:

Essential – $29/month

Growth – $99/month

Power – $299/month

Advanced – $499/month

okendo product reviews & ugc rating

Shopify review app #8: Reviews.io

product reviews shopify apps - reviews.io
Source: Shopify

The Reviews.io application is another option for the best review app for Shopify on our list. Curiously, though the Shopify app store shares data on the free plan availability, you won’t find one on the developer’s official website. There, the prices vary from €99/month to €499/month with special prices for brands that are just starting out. Despite this little pricing mismatch, the tool has much to offer.

Top 10 feature highlights for Shopify Reviews:

  1. Automatic reviews verification during the invitation process
  2. In-email review collection
  3. Customizable product review widgets
  4. Company and product testimonials, Q&A, Instagram
  5. SMS review invitations
  6. Photo and video collections
  7. Google integration to display reviews starts in rich snippets
  8. Feedback import
  9. Instagram integration to create a shopping Instagram gallery on your site
  10. Integration with Klaviyo, Mailchimp, Omnisend, Smile.io, etc. 

Reviews.io disadvantages:

  • ❗ The app requires you to create a separate account and operate outside the Shopify infrastructure
  • Monthly review limits of 50 for the early stage version
  • No possibility to save and reuse created widget templates
  • No version control of the email templates (can be useful when needed to restore some of the previous ones)
  • Some find the interface for creating templates not user-friendly

Reviews.io review score on the Shopify app store:

⭐ The application’s average score is 4.9, based on the testimonials of 336 users.

Reviews.io free trial period:

A 14-day free trial is available for the new app users.

Reviews.io pricing:

This option comes in three pricing options:


Launch – $45/month

Launch Plus – $89/month

reviews.io rating on the shopify app store

Shopify review app #9: Yotpo Product Reviews & Photos

shopify price automation - yotpo
Source: Shopify

Being a cloud-based customer content marketing platform, this product reviews Shopify tool definitely deserves a spot on the list.

Top 10 feature highlights for Yotpo Product Reviews & Photos:

  • Email and SMS review requests
  • Review prompts for the customers to collect feedback that inspires purchases
  • Ability to add targeted questions in review forms
  • Adding photos and videos
  • Coupons to motivate the shoppers to share insights
  • Walmart syndication
  • Displaying community questions and answers
  • High customizability possibilities
  • Official partners with Google and Facebook
  • Built-in analytics and measurement metrics

Yotpo Product Reviews & Photos disadvantages:

  • Similarly to Reviews.io, the app runs on an external site
  • Possibly clunky reporting
  • The setup process can be twisted for non-techies
  • Free plan limitation to 50 monthly orders

Yotpo review score on the Shopify app store:

⭐ Based on 5324 testimonials, the application scores an average of 4.9.

Yotpo Product Reviews & Photos free trial period:

No data on the free trial period is explicitly available. This is probably because the app comes with a free plan.

Yotpo Product Reviews & Photos pricing:

With a free plan available, the review app comes in three paid tiers:

  • Growth 50 — $15/month
  • Growth 100 — $24/month
  • Growth 250 — $49/month

*External charges may still apply. If you visit the developer’s site, you will see the following tiers — growth, prime, premium, and enterprise, as the platform’s functionality goes beyond reviews only.

rating of Yotpo Product & Photo Reviews

Shopify review app #10: Junip – Product Reviews & UGC

shopify apps for running product reviews - junip
Source: Shopify

Junip’s application is one of the noteworthy product review Shopify apps that boasts a quick and easy installation process without any coding skills required. The tool’s setup process has also been designed not to zap much of your precious time. In addition, with the performance-focused displays that the in-app dashboard comes with, you can quickly overview how efficient your business is in collecting testimonials.

Top 10 feature highlights for Junip:

  • Photo and video reviews
  • Widgets for customer testimonials display
  • Integration possibility with your ESP
  • Ability to auto-approve reviews
  • Templates to request customer feedback
  • Review links for passwordless authentication
  • Ability to ask and display specific questions in product feedback
  • API support
  • Google reviews snippet
  • Reporting and analytics

Junip disadvantages:

  • Possibly confusing Google Shopping syndication
  • A limited number of users and monthly orders on the free version

Junip review score on the Shopify app store:

⭐ The average score from 280 reviewers is 4.9.

Junip free trial period:

A 14-day free trial period is at your disposal.

Junip pricing:

If you are looking for a free review app Shopify, Junip’s application comes with a free plan. Besides, the following pricing options are available:

  • Essentials (500) — $19/month
  • Essentials (1000) — $39/month
  • Standard — $74/month
Junip overall rating on the Shopify app store

Shopify review app #11: Helpful Product Reviews App

shopify price automation - HelpfulCrowd
Source: Shopify

Here’s another excellent example of product review Shopify apps, developed by HelpfulCrowd. The tool comes with an impressive set of features and reasonable pricing. The application seems to have-it-all to become a great match for Shopify-based businesses. It will take five quick steps to complete your profile, and you will be good to go.

Top 10 feature highlights for Helpful Product Reviews App:

  • 1-click setup flow
  • 24/7 support
  • Video and photo reviews
  • Customizable review request templates
  • Discounts for leaving a specific type of review (text only, long text, video, etc.)
  • Review importer
  • Ability to upsell using review requests
  • A variety of customizable display widgets
  • Advanced CSS possibilities
  • Advanced back-end management options (including notifications, translation, GDPRGUARD, etc.)

Helpful Product Reviews App disadvantages:

  • Possibly complicated for some to import review files
  • It can be complicated to set up for people with no coding knowledge

Review score of the Helpful Product Reviews app on the Shopify app store:

Based on 323 reviews, the app scores 5.0.

Helpful Product Reviews App free trial period:

A 14-day free trial period is available for the application.

Helpful Product Reviews App pricing:

This is one of the Shopify apps for reviews that comes in four pricing tiers:

  • Free to install
  • Ignition — $10/month
  • Booster — $30/month
  • Orbit — $50/month 
Video Product Reviews App
by HelpfulCrowd - rating

Shopify review app #12: Product Reviews

shopify apps for running product reviews - app by Shopify
Source: Shopify

This application for product reviews Shopify has built on its own and made available for the platform users 100% gratis. Meaning, no further additional costs or charges will apply. The app comes with the most basic functionality and runs as expected if configured correctly. Besides, there are a decent number of unfavorable reviews you should have a look at before making your choice. Nonetheless, we believe that the tool is worth giving a shot as if it happens to run in your store as expected, there is a chance to shift your expenses to other business needs.

Top 10 feature highlights for Shopify Reviews:

  • Quick and easy layout options for editing
  • Reviews filtering
  • Ability to add review scores to Google search results
  • Reviews import and export functionality
  • Ability to hide and manage feedback effortlessly
  • Themes-friendly reviews design
  • Ability to export deleted customer testimonials
  • Quick overview of user feedback in the back-end (unpublished, published, flagged, spam)
  • Smooth setup and configuration
  • Free for a lifetime

Shopify Reviews disadvantages:

  • Possible reviews duplication issues
  • Issues importing reviews
  • Unable to send review request emails
  • Lack of personalization options
  • No possibility of uploading either photos or videos
  • Frequent “not showing” reviews issue
  • No reCAPTCHA security service
  • Possible display issues on mobile devices

Shopify Reviews review score on the Shopify app store:

⭐ The overall application’s rating equals 3.4, based on 1633 customer testimonials.

Shopify Reviews free trial period and pricing:

It is an authentic free review app Shopify has built for the platform users. No pricing tiers are available.

rating of the shopify product reviews app

Shopify review app #13: EnormApps Product Reviews & Photos

shopify price automation - EnormApps Product Reviews & Photos
Source: Shopify

Product Reviews & Photos – EA is another example of Shopify apps for running product reviews that scores high on the Shopify app store. The tool is distinct in its free version, and operates as advertised. Based on the user testimonials, a highly responsive team that gets issues fixed is the developer’s carte-de-visite.

Top 10 feature highlights for EnormApps Product Reviews & Photos:

  • Collecting feedback with automatic email review requests
  • Ability to post reviews with photos right from emails
  • Sending “thank you” emails with coupons to the users who shared their feedback
  • Ability to reply to customer reviews
  • 4 reviews layout options and 7 design settings
  • The ability for the customers to add up to 8 images to reviews
  • Rich snippets to showcase product ratings in Google search results
  • Translating to local languages
  • Adding the “verified” badge
  • Import/export functionality

EnormApps Product Reviews & Photos disadvantages:

  • It can be hard to install and manage for non-techies
  • A limited number of features in the free plan
  • Possibly confusing search filters
  • Slow running for some users
  • The CVS functionality won’t work with Aliexpress
  • No functionality to search for reviews
  • No mass actions

EnormApps review score on the Shopify app store:

⭐ The average for the app from 591 reviews is 4.9.

EnormApps Product Reviews & Photos free trial period:

The developer offers a 7-day free trial period.

EnormApps Product Reviews & Photos pricing:

The application comes in two plans — free and advance ($7.99/month).

EnormApps Product Reviews & Photos rating

Shopify review app #14: Opinew Product Reviews App

shopify price automation - EnormApps Product Reviews & Photos
Source: Shopify

According to the developer, over 100 Shopify Plus brands have opted for their solution. Indeed, the number of feedback available for the tool on the Shopify app store can’t but create an impression. It’s not the most rated reviews app yet, but it has all the chances to become one. So, Opinew’s tool is another trustworthy option to manage and display reviews on your Shopify-based store.

Top 10 feature highlights for Opinew Product Reviews App:

  • Installation wizard to make the process quick and easy
  • Automating the process of collecting customer feedback
  • Emails, SMS, QR code review requests
  • Photo and video review requests from the historical orders
  • 1-click bulk feedback importer from such marketplaces as Amazon, eBay, Aliexpress, Oberlo
  • Design customizability
  • Ability to adjust the look and content of the review request emails
  • Coupons to incentivize the shoppers’ sharing feedback
  • Integration with Google Shopping Reviews
  • Rich snippets

Opinew Product Reviews App disadvantages:

  • No photo and video reviews in the free version
  • No completely free plans

Opinew App review score on the Shopify app store:

⭐ 4.9 is the overall application’s rating, based on 1238 user testimonials.

Opinew App free trial period:

You can enjoy a 14-day trial period for the application.

Opinew App pricing:

The developer offers the following pricing tiers designed to meet the needs of a business of any size:

  • Free
  • Starter – $19/month
  • Growth – $69/month
  • Advanced – $149/month
Opinew Product Reviews App rating

Shopify review app #15: Rivyo Product Reviews & QA

shopify apps for product reviews - rivyo
Source: Shopify

Let’s take a look at more Shopify apps for product reviews. Rivyo’s software is one more option to consider if you need to present testimonials about your offerings and thus showcase their quality and credibility. The application seems to have all the required basic features. Yet, it may require upgrading your pricing plan to enjoy a full spectrum of features.

Top 10 feature highlights for Rivyo Product Reviews & QA:

  • Ability to import feedback from Amazon and Aliexpress
  • Tracking the status of email review requests (sent, delivered, opened, clicked)
  • The ability for the customer to ask pre-sale questions
  • Real-time reports on reviews in the back-end dashboard
  • Email templates for customer feedback collection
  • SEO rich widget
  • Automatic publication of reviews that meet specific criteria
  • Hide the reviews label from non-review vendibles
  • The ability for the customers to vote for useful QA
  • Coupon codes for sharing feedback

Rivyo disadvantages:

  • Minimal opportunities in the free version
  • Limited customization possibilities for email templates
  • Possible issues displaying reviews on mobile

Rivyo Product Reviews & QA review score on the Shopify app store:

⭐ The average app’s rating from 1832 users is 4.9.

Rivyo Product Reviews & QA free trial period and pricing:

There is no explicit information on the product page about the available trial period as the software comes with a free plan. Besides, you can choose from the following pricing tiers:

  • Starter — $5.99/month
  • Business — $10.99/month
  • Enterprise — $15.99/month
rating - Rivyo Product Reviews & QA

Shopify review app #16: Editorify – Product Reviews

shopify price automation - editorify
Source: Shopify

This is another option for those looking for a reasonably-priced solution for advancing product reviews display and management. Although this application does not offer the video upload option, it is definitely worth conserving if you want to get your store rank higher than the competition. Those looking for the most sufficient functionality will enjoy using this software.

Top 10 feature highlights for Editorify – Product Reviews:

  • Ability to compose reviews manually
  • Eye-candy review widget
  • Reviews display customizability
  • Reviews importing possibilities from wholesale websites
  • Option to upload images for the customers
  • Ability to add specific keywords to a blacklist
  • Choosing which reviews to display on the storefront
  • Photos import and linkings to any product variants
  • Ability to import videos
  • A wide range of supported Shopify themes

Editorify disadvantages:

  • Limit of 50 reviews in the free version
  • The company’s branding above product reviews in the free version
  • Possible synchronization issues
  • Import of 25 reviews only from aliexpress.com

Editorify – Product Reviews review score on the Shopify app store:

⭐ The software scores 4.9, based on 410 customer testimonials.

Editorify free trial period:

There is no data on the free trial period. However, a free plan is available.

Editorify pricing:

Editorify offers the following pricing options to its users:

  • Free
  • Premium plan — $9.95/month
  • Gold plan — $14.95/month
Rating of Editorify – Product Reviews

Shopify review app #17: LAI Product Reviews

best shopify review app - lai
Source: Shopify

Here’s another example of a Shopify review plugin built by Smartify Apps. The solution allows you to import reviews from AliExpress, Amazon, and some dropshipping apps, including Oberlo. The tool’s differentiating feature is a wide range of available widgets and the ability to adjust every element without coding skills required.

Top 10 feature highlights for LAI Product Reviews:

  • Import functionality
  • Photo and video reviews
  • 18 unique testimonial widget layouts
  • 12 templates for color swatches, including dark and light modes
  • Advanced widgets’ layout customization
  • UGC synchronization
  • Social sharing functionality
  • Google rich snippets
  • No brandmark on your pages
  • Antitheft protection for your reviews

LAI Product Reviews disadvantages:

  • No word filtering functionality
  • Limits on reviews and layouts editing in the free version
  • Take time to load

LAI review score on the Shopify app store:

⭐ 1010 users rated this app, which resulted in an average of 4.9 overall score. 

LAI Product Reviews free trial period:

The software comes with a 7-day free trial period.

LAI Product Reviews pricing:

The following four tiers are currently listed on the Shopify app store for the app:

  • Free
  • Essential — $4.95/month
  • Growth — $9.95/month
  • Expert — $14.95/month
lai product reviews rating on the shopify app store

Shopify review app #18: Wiremo Product Reviews

Source: Shopify

Wiremo is another product review application with high compliments. The tool boasts high-performing basic features yet a host of SEO functionality aimed at helping you get the most out of user-generated content. What else? The app comes with various pricing tiers that should be a great fit for both businesses that are just starting and experienced merchants. 

Top 10 feature highlights for Wiremo Product Reviews:

  • Product testimonials functionality
  • Questions and answers
  • AI technologies to auto-approve customer feedback
  • Functionality to migrate UGC
  • Reminders for review requests
  • Ability to search in reviews
  • Dashboard with stats on UGC and reminders
  • Automatic Google shopping feed generation
  • Rich snippets and JSON-LD schema
  • Review carousels, widgets, badges

Wiremo disadvantages:

  • Order limits on the free plan
  • No video reviews
  • Developer accounts unfriendly

Wiremo review score on the Shopify app store:

⭐ The Wiremo app scores 5.0, based on 68 reviews.

Wiremo free trial period and pricing:

This application is free to install with up to 50 orders per month. Alternatively, the developer will take you to their company site for more details on the following pricing options:

  • Growth 50+ — $19.99/month
  • Growth 100+ — $29.99/month
  • Growth 250+ — $49.99/month
  • Growth 500+ — $99.99/month
rating of the wiremo product reviews app

Shopify review app #19: Kudobuzz Etsy, Facebook Reviews

shopify review app - kudobuzz
Source: Shopify

Let’s overview another application designed to help you turn more visitors into happy customers. Kudobuzz’s solution does not offer lots of integrations but primarily the most basic ones. So if there are no specifics you are searching for, the functionality should be just as required. However, if your store is currently on budget, you should probably consider other options with more features in the free plan.

Top 10 feature highlights for Kudobuzz Etsy, Facebook Reviews:

  • Collecting and displaying Etsy, Facebook, and Amazon testimonials
  • Adding photos and videos to testimonials
  • Google reviews
  • Feedback import functionality
  • Automatic review reminder emails
  • Flexible testimonials moderation options
  • Rich snippets and ratings
  • Questions and answers
  • Coupons to reward the shoppers for sharing feedback
  • Customizable widgets

Kudobuzz Etsy, Facebook Reviews disadvantages:

  • Limits to 50 reviews and review requests in the free version
  • Review widget limits in the free version
  • Need to contact customer care to downgrade or cancel your plan

Kudobuzz review score on the Shopify app store:

⭐ The average rating for the app is 4.4, based on 337 testimonials.

Kudobuzz Etsy, Facebook Reviews free trial period and pricing:

Although the developer does not offer you a free trial period, you can benefit from the tool’s free plan. Besides, the application comes with the following pricing tiers:

  • Lunch — $19.99/month
  • Dinner — $49.99/month
rating - kudobuzz etsy, facebook reviews

Shopify review app #20: HulkApps Product Reviews + UGC with Q/A

As we move to one more Shopify app, this variant adds testimonials and user-submitted answers and questions. Distinctly, the application differentiates itself by offering sire admins to change star ratings to hearts and adjust their color palettes. The tool comes with relatively standard management possibilities. It is priced similarly to other review apps.

Top 10 feature highlights for HulkApps Product Reviews + UGC with Q/A:

  • 6 layouts and custom fields
  • Ability to create a separate page with all customer testimonials
  • Import and export functionality
  • Ask a question panel
  • Social sharing functionality
  • Ability to schedule a date for feedback publishing
  • Review badges, including the verified review badge
  • Sorting and search functionality
  • Advanced CSS features
  • Basic review analytics functionality

Disadvantages of HulkApps Product Reviews + UGC with Q/A:

  • No free plans are available
  • Can possibly take too long to load

HulkApps review score on the Shopify app store:

⭐ Based on 285 testimonials, the app scores 4.6.

HulkApps free trial period:

You can use the application for 14 days free of charge.

Pricing of HulkApps Product Reviews + UGC with Q/A:

The Shopify app store lists the following pricing options for the tool:

  • Starter Plan — $9.90/month
  • Pro Plan — $12.90/month
HulkApps Product Reviews apps - rating

Shopify review app #21: Easy Google Customer Reviews

This application on our list allows connecting your Shopify-based store with Google Customer Reviews. The app displays an opt-in popup to the shoppers on the Thank You page. If the consumers agree to receive from Google requesting feedback, they will receive an email once they receive their orders.

Top 10 feature highlights for Easy Google Customer Reviews:

  • Automatic implementation of the Google survey opt-in code
  • Google Seller Ratings eligibility based on customer feedback left using Google Customer Reviews
  • Displaying the Google Seller Ratings badge on your site
  • Showing Google ratings in Search Ads and in Google Shopping
  • Review request opt-in popup on the Order Status page
  • An email from Google to share feedback (sent when the customer order is estimated to have arrived)
  • Specifying the average time it takes to deliver an order 
  • Zero coding skills required
  • Compatible with every other Shopify app used to process information
  • Highly responsive customer support team

Easy Google Customer Reviews disadvantages:

  • Available to merchants in certain countries only
  • Possible setup difficulties

Easy Google Customer Reviews review score on the Shopify app store:

⭐ 5.0 is the score for the app, based on 10 testimonials.

Easy Google Customer Reviews free trial period:

The application comes with a 7-day free trial period.

Easy Google Customer Reviews pricing:

The Shopify app store currently displays one pricing option for the tool — $5/month.

Easy Google Customer Reviews rating

Shopify review app #22: AiTrillion Loyalty, Reviews, Email & More

shopify apps for running product reviews - AiTrillion
Source: Shopify

The app goes beyond the feedback functionality as it is more of a marketing automation tool. It covers email marketing, web push, popup, loyalty, product recommendations, etc. — over 11 features. Concurrently, the app may seem costly if not for the fact that it combines a wide range of smaller tools.

Top 10 feature highlights for AiTrillion Loyalty, Reviews:

  • Review request emails, web push notifications, forms, and popups to collect feedback
  • A wide range of review display widgets (slider, carousel, floating button, etc.)
  • A collection of email templates
  • Google rich snippets
  • Integrated loyalty program to motivate customer testimonials
  • Automatic product review reminders
  • POS integration
  • The functionality to ask questions and get answers
  • Product images to collect content
  • Analytics dashboard to track it all in one place

AiTrillion disadvantages:

  • No free plan is available
  • Possible auto upgrading if you go beyond the threshold
  • Possibly overpriced for the offered set of features (based on the user’s feedback)

AiTrillion review score on the Shopify app store:

⭐ Based on 316 reviews, the app has an overall score of 4.6.

AiTrillion free trial period:

While there is no data on the free trial period, the tool is free to install.

AiTrillion pricing:

Unfortunately, there is no data on the pricing plans available. According to the developer’s official website, you will need to contact the team directly to find out about the available options. The application’s pricing is based on your store’s total number of customers.

AiTrillion Loyalty rating

Shopify review app #23: Growave: Loyalty, Wishlist +3

This app impresses with the most extended free trial period found among the tools on the list, which is 30 days. The period should be enough to learn more about the extension’s functionality, tweak it as per your business’s needs and test how well it functions on your site precisely. Additionally, this is more of a Shopify marketing app. That is why the functionality is not limited to Shopify product testimonials only.

Top 10 feature highlights for Growave:

  1. Combines 5 marketing apps (reviews, loyalty and rewards, referral program, wishlist, social login, and Instagram)
  2. Photo reviews collection
  3. 8 languages supported, including Japanese, Korean, and French
  4. Questions & answers
  5. Personalized review request emails
  6. The customizable design of the sidebar, buttons, and product review widgets
  7. Reviews metadata display om Google search results
  8. Ability to encourage reviews’ social shares
  9. Loyalty points to incentivize your consumers to share feedback
  10. Customized review forms with detailed feedback

Growave disadvantages:

  • No free version is available
  • HTML skills can be required to achieve certain goals
  • Possibly limited functionality compared to the bigger apps
  • Possibly complicated usage of integrations with Klaviyo, etc.

Growave review score on the Shopify app store:

⭐1774 users took a moment to rate this tool. The overall rating is 4.8.

Growave free trial period:

You can use the app for 30 days gratis.

Growave pricing:

The developer lists the following pricing tiers for the application on the Shopify app store:

  • Basic — $9/month
  • Starter — $19/month
  • Medium — $49/month
  • Enterprise — $299/month
Rating: Growave: Loyalty, Wishlist +3

Shopify review app #24: Testimonials Showcase by Expert Village Media Technologies

Testimonials Showcase by Expert Village Media Technologies
Source: Shopify

Here’s another product feedback app available in the Shopify market. The extension has the most basic yet essential features that can dramatically improve your sales. This tool will be the critical review features — no more, no less.

Top 10 feature highlights for Testimonials Showcase :

  • Ability to manually add testimonials from the back-end
  • Photo reviews widget
  • Testimonials reordering and filtering options
  • SEO-friendly feedback
  • Grid and slideshow review formats
  • Quick and easy feedback moderation
  • Separate page customer feedback
  • Page form to let the shoppers submit feedback
  • Free application setup service and assistance and migrating testimonials
  • Easy to use and manage

Testimonials Showcase disadvantages:

  • Limit to 10 testimonials in the free plan
  • No photo review functionality in the free plan

Review score of Testimonials Showcase on the Shopify app store:

⭐ The overall rating for the tool is 4.8, based on 360 testimonials.

Testimonials Showcase free trial period:

A 14-day free trial is available.

Testimonials Showcase pricing:

You can opt for one of the following pricing options following your business needs:

  • Free
  • Basic plan — $7.99/month
  • Pro plan — $29.99/month
rating for Testimonials Showcase by Expert Village Media Technologies

Shopify review app #25: TargetBay Product Reviews

TargetBay Product Reviews - best review app for shopify
Source: Shopify

Here comes the last but not least reviews app on our list. The tool allows customer insights and lets them attach real-life images to their feedback. According to the users’ feedback, the app is easy-to-use and manage. Although it comes with a free plan, the available plans are more expensive than solutions with similar features.

Top 10 feature highlights for TargetBay Product Reviews:

  1. Automatic email review reminders (after order purchase and shipment)
  2. In-mail reviews functionality
  3. Easy feedback editing
  4. UGC indexing
  5. Forums and QA section
  6. Google rich snippets
  7. TargetBay trust badges
  8. Integrated product testimonials on Facebook
  9. Ability to export and import testimonials
  10. Offering coupons for sharing feedback

TargetBay disadvantages:

  • Pricey for businesses that are just starting
  • Limited functionality on the free plan

TargetBay review score on the Shopify app store:

⭐ Based on 44 reviews, the application scores 4.8.

TargetBay free trial period:

The developer offers 14 days as a free trial period for the application.

TargetBay pricing:

You can choose from the following plans listed in the Shopify app store:

  • Free
  • Growth plan — $49/month
  • Professional plan — $99/month
  • Premium plan — $199/month
TargetBay Product Reviews rating


This article did not focus on why you need to install one of Shopify apps for running customer testimonials. The advantages of having a product review app shine through and drive your sales skyward.

Briefly, our list included the following product reviews Shopify apps:

  1. Stamped.io
  2. Judge.me
  3. Product Reviews Autoketing
  4. Fera
  5. Ali Reviews
  6. Loox Product Reviews & Photos
  7. Okendo Product Reviews & UGC
  8. Reviews.io
  9. Yotpo Product Reviews & Photos
  10. Junip – Product Reviews & UGC
  11. Video Product Reviews App by HelpfulCrowd
  12. Shopify Product Reviews
  13. EnormApps Product Reviews & Photos
  14. Opinew Product Reviews App
  15. Rivyo Product Reviews & QA
  16. Editorify – Product Reviews
  17. LAI Product Reviews
  18. Wiremo Product Reviews
  19. Kudobuzz Etsy, Facebook Reviews
  20. HulkApps Product Reviews + UGC with Q/A
  21. Easy Google Customer Reviews
  22. AiTrillion Loyalty, Reviews, Email & More
  23. Growave: Loyalty, Wishlist +3
  24. Testimonials Showcase by Expert Village Media Technologies
  25. TargetBay Product Reviews

If you’ve tried or using some other product review app for Shopify that we failed to include in this list, please take a moment to leave a comment below. We’d highly appreciate it if you shared details on how the tool allows you to improve, collect and manage customer feedback in your Shopify-based store.

best shopify review app

*This is a not-best-to-worst list of Shopify apps for product reviews. 

** The pricing is correct as of August 2022. Prices are subject to change and should be checked with the official developers.

FAQ: Product Review Applications

What is the best review app?

The selection of a review app should be determined by the platform you’ve chosen to build your store on and your goals.

There are third-party review platforms such as Trustpilot, Birdeye, Mention, etc. that offer collecting customer feedback off-site. However, if you are looking to expand the default functionality of your platform, you will likely need to hire a developer or install a third-party app. 

This article shares top Shopify apps for reviews. So if it is the platform of your choice, search no more and read the cherry-picked list that we’ve compiled.

How do I add reviews to my Shopify store 2022?

To achieve that, you’ll need to go to the Shopify app store and install a review app of your choice. Please note that the installation process may differ depending on your Shopify theme architecture version.

You are likely to see clear instructions on the setup process that can differ from one product review app to another.

How do reviews work on Shopify?

There are basically three options for you to consider:

First, hiring a Shopify app developer. Second, using the built-in Shopify product reviews system. Third, installing a third-party app.

If you search for customizability, then the built-in reviews won’t work for you. Consider the rest two options if you want to add new features and adjust customer testimonials as required.

How do I get a product rating on Shopify?

Before you begin the installation process, make sure to log in to your Shopify admin panel.

  1. In the upper right corner, click the Visit the Shopify App Store button.
  2. Use the native search field to enter the keyword for your targeted search. For example, as you are looking for product reviews, it can be some general keyword or a more specific one that contains the developer’s name.
  3. After you make your choice, click the Add app button.
  4. To finalize the installation and setup processes, click the Install instructions button, and follow the instructions. They will likely differ from developer to developer.

How do I add free reviews on Shopify?

Many product review apps come with a free trial period, free plans with limited functionality, or, exclusively, free out-of-the-box. The process of their installation is often similarly quick and easy and should be clearly specified in the documentation of the developer of your choice.

How do I get a product review?

Given how much shoppers rely on product reviews, collecting social proof is practically a science you should master. The following ways of feedback collection will increase the chances of success:

  • Choose layouts and clear CTAs that make it easy for the shopper to share feedback
  • Display UGC across your website pages (category, product, a dedicated page with reviews, etc.)
  • Send review request emails or show reminder popups
  • Offer reward points or freebies for sharing feedback
  • Share reviews and review incentives on social media
  • Engage with customer feedback, negative and positive

How do you get verified reviews on Shopify?

Some of the apps on the list allow you to achieve that. Generally, a purchaser obtains the verified badge based on their order status on your Shopify store. The system will automatically search the order with the reviewed item for the buyer who entered their email address. If it succeeds, the verified badge will appear. Alternatively, a store admin can manually verify a review.

Can you add fake reviews to your website?

Fake reviews are generally considered malpractice and violate the terms of service (in the case of offsite review platforms especially).

However, merchants are often found tempted to craft their own testimonials, especially when just starting or trying to increase their offerings’ overall rating. So the answer is yes, you can add fake reviews to your website. You are to decide to glorify yourself artificially or not.

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